Everything makes much more sense when you change your focus from the survival of the nervous system to the survival of bacteria. I don't mean to say that life is ALL about the survival of the bacteria, but they are the main element of the soul. The primary ingredient is the bacteria in the gut, then we have the glands. The glands set the foundation for the soul to grow and branch out. The most important gland is the liver. Liver is the cumulation of life itself, survival of the individual is completely built upon it. The pineal gland is the second most important gland, it's the main driver of development of consciousness. .

Pineal gland Core of the nervous system, I would go as far as to say that the system should be separated into 3 parts: The brain, the spine and the pineal gland. It's important enough to be examined on its own. Descartes, my beloved, adores this little gland, and for good reason. He seems to have thought that it was the bizarre, metaphysical organ that somehow transcends material and holds the soul. He described the brain as like a machine that sends out "animal spirits" (electricity) throughout the body to make it move and the pineal gland as the source of the soul. He was a brilliant man, but I think he missed the point, even though he knew that consciousness is the base of everything he still got lost in material, trying to make everything make material sense. Material machines can absolutely "create" consciousness, the same way any movement you make creates heat.

The soul isn't some kind of exotic material, it's just a *thing* in reality; like energy, material, space and time. At some point, life manifested eyes as it detected light, and data within light. The pineal gland is like the eye for consciousness. Life detected existence of consciousness, as we live in a soup of consciousness, it manifested an organ to make use of this data simply floating around. People simply can't comprehend the idea of this "soup" of data we simply walk through constantly even though they have no issues with the ideas of currently being inside an ocean of light, energy, space, time, air etc. Even though next to no one in the modern world consciously use their pineal gland, it still works constantly whether you like it or not. Pineal gland is the reason you have dreams, euphoric experiences, intrusive thoughts, psychosis, seemingly paranormal or supernatural moments like that time you felt like you were being watched and you actually were and so on. The main purpose of the pineal gland however is the preservation your cultivated will. The pineal gland connects you to your ancestors and your descendants. But how can that be possible if time doesn't work like a movie and there is no other time than the present? I will talk/talked about time on another page but the tldr is: Morphic resonance. The pineal gland can trigger "prerecorded messages" from your ancestors (more about this on its own page) and also make you see the future, kinda. You don't actually see the real, certain future when you connect to your descendants because that's impossible, no such thing exists yet, what you see is an image of what MIGHT happen, generated using morphic resonance. Your gut biome and endocrine system affect the image greatly, and then it is processed in your brain to give you an image. You can do an *intentive mediation* to take a peep into the "future" With all that said, this image you end up with still holds much precious information. Shamans thousands of years ago described today's world perfectly if you actually understand what's being said in old descriptions of the *underworld* In conclusion, all the consciousness development processes depend on the pineal gland. Some of the cultivated soul is stored and redistributed by the pineal gland, you can learn more about how that's done *here*.

Main glands, or the stuff I'm focused on, rather.